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Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

PSDTOHTMLEXPERTS respects your artwork and your business. We will only use your professional work to deliver with your goals. Your artwork will remain yours. PSDTOHTMLEXPERTS will not use your artwork on any other site, resell it under any circumstances.

PSDTOHTMLEXPERTS gives you assurity that all personal info that you provide us with your order, including artwork, and client notes will remain confidential.

PSDTOHTMLEXPERTS will never contact your clients or the clients of your clients. Any communication between PSDTOHTMLEXPERTS and client will remain private.

Use of the information we collect

We collect information like your name, email, order notes and your original design files on the order form of this website. All these information will only be used to contact you about the order status or any other communication regarding the project and will not be shared with any other third party. This information will never be sold out to any advertisement companies or any other unknown or known party.

Contact us if you need more information or have any other query.